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  • From the first communication, I felt as though I was corresponding with a friend. From arranging airport transfers, to accommodations, the logistics of the trip were flawless.

    Scott D., Dallas, TX USA
  • Thank you for the work you did (1 crown and 3 inlays) last month.  I am so, so happy with everything about the experience and with the results.

  • I had my dental treatment with CR MTS, in Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica. They are such great professionals and I was treated better than I ever have in the states.

    Angela C.
  • I would like to thank you all for the wonderful service and work you did on my teeth. I have been to at least 20 dentists in my life time and never have I found a doctor as good as the one in Costa Rica.

    James R.
  • The office, Nova Dental, is very clean and modern. Gloves, masks, and a surgery sheet were used. They repeatedly asked me if I was alright or needed anything.

    Marcia W., South Carolina USA
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Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services has the largest and finest recovery center in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services has the largest and finest recovery center in Costa Rica

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Medical Tourism Costa Rica


Medical tourism or "medical travel" as it is now being called is the business whereby people in need of medical and dental care travel to another country for care. There are many reasons why people travel abroad for medical and dental care. Among them:

  • To obtain more affordable care – savings in foreign countries can be 50% to 80%
  • To obtain immediate access to care – no waiting time
  • To obtain care not available at home – access to a particular procedure / operation
  • For anonymity – they do not want friends / employers at home to know about it



There are many countries offering medical tourism services. However for Americans and Canadians the best choice for medical tourism is Costa Rica. And here are some of the reasons why:

  • Medial Toursim Costa Rica - has excellent medical and health care facilities that have international accreditation
  • Medical Toursim Costa Rica - its proximity to the USA and Canada
  • Medical Tourism Costa Rica - its climate - 60 to 75 degrees all year long - this means no heating or air conditioning required in hospitals and recovery centers which makes recovery much more comfortable and reduces infection rates
  • Medical Tourism Costa Rica - its westernized culture; most physicians and medical staff speak English; its reputation as a stable and safe country
  • Medical Tourism Costa Rica - its fame as a great tourist destination - over two million tourists visit Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time which means a patient is not stressed by big changes in time zones.


Official estimates from PROMED, Costa Rica’s medical toursim promotion agency, show that in 2010 over 30,000 foreigners visited medical toursim Costa Rica facilities for all kinds of medical and dental care. Medical tourism in Costa Rica is growing at over 50% per year.

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