About Us

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services is the leading medical tourism and dental tourism company in Costa Rica.

The 3 main reasons patients come to us:


Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services provides access to the best doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals in Costa Rica.


60-70% less than USA, and preferential rates we pass onto you!

No waiting!

Immediate access to the care you deserve!

Our Services

  • Immediate access to superior medical and dental care
  • Free evaluation and treatment plan by a doctor or dentist
  • Scheduling your appointments and treatments
  • Coordinating your stay in Costa Rica: accommodation, transportation, tours and vacation
  • $ Savings - We have negotiated preferential rates with our providers and we pass the savings onto you!

Our Mission

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services' mission is to provide our medical tourism and dental tourism patients with an affordable alternative to the high costs of medical and dental care in the United States and Canada without compromising the quality and safety of the care provided.

Since 2008, we have built a broad network of the finest doctors and dentists that can provide any kind of medical or dental procedure. ...read more

How it works

You will receive a personalized treatment quote that is clear and thorough. Your evaluation by a doctor, dentist or specialist is provided FREE of charge.

Once you approve treatment, you submit a small deposit (15% or less!) to secure appointments. Unlike most medical tourism operators, you are not required to pay in full prior to traveling. The balance is paid to the doctor, dentist, hospital or clinic after you arrive in Costa Rica.

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