Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services has a broad network of the most highly skilled physicians and specialists in Costa Rica.



Knee Replacement,
Hip Replacement...



Tummy Tuck,
Face Lift, Butt Lift,
Eyes, Laser,


Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery,
Gastric Sleeve,
Gastric Bypass,

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services' network of specialists can perform any surgery or medical procedure - from heart bypasses to spine surgeries to all kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

In most cases the cost of any surgery or medical procedure in Costa Rica is 1/3 of what it is in the United States.

However, the quality of surgeries and medical care at our Costa Rica hospitals is equal to or better than that provided by the best hospitals in the United States.

All our surgeons have studied abroad, either in the United States or in Europe, and have many years experience in their specialty. They speak English and are accustomed to treating foreign patients from the United States and Canada. In fact, many of them have performed thousands of surgeries on American patients.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services provides the highest quality surgery in Costa Rica.
We find you the best surgeon, the best hospital and the best post operative care. read more...

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