Why Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services for

Post-Trauma and Post-operative Rehabilitation?


In Costa Rica, physical rehabilitation is done in a world class hospital with thorough medical supervision by highly trained doctors and therapists providing far superior care than most have access to in the USA.


Savings of 60-70%!

No waiting

The Care You need at a Price You can afford!

Costa Rica

Pristine beaches, lush rainforests, healing hot springs, perfect year-round temperature, and friendly, welcoming people.
Get the care you deserve in Paradise!

Post-Trauma and Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Recovery Programs.


Don't let high cost or lack of insurance coverage keep you from the care you need to get moving and live pain-free!


Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services uses the best physical therapists in the country.
We provide access to a complete and intensive post op rehabilitation program for every surgery. This not only speeds recovery but greatly improves the final outcome of surgery.



There is no better place to heal than Costa Rica!

With its beautiful scenery, spectacular flora and fauna, temperate year-round climate, and friendly, educated people, Costa Rica is the ideal place to rediscover your spirit and get well.


Our Happy Clients